Hi! My name is Felix.

I'm a sociologist with a passion for web technology and data science.


I'm a postdoc at the Swiss Job Market Monitor (University of Zurich), where I develop applications that retrieve big data from job boards. One of the project's aims is the continuous monitoring of labor demand in Switzerland. Adding to my interests in labor markets and gender segregation, I work on the question how we can employ methods from NLP in social science research.

Before joining the team in Switzerland, I obtained my PhD in sociology at Nuffield College and the University of Oxford. In my dissertation, I wrote about the question if typically female jobs are under-valued, and if so, why. Part of my work has been published in Social Forces and I have recent work published in Demography.

I received my BA in Politics and German Literature from the University of Heidelberg in 2011. After graduating with an MA in Politics from Pompeu Fabra University, and with an MA in Politics and Administration from the University of Konstanz, I went on in 2013 to work half a year as graduate trainee at Eurofound.

I started as a PhD student in sociology at Nuffield College and the University of Oxford in 2014. During spring quarter 2017, I was a Visiting Student Researcher at the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality. In February 2018, I joined the Swiss Job Market Monitor at the University of Zurich as a postdoc. In summer 2019, I participated in the Summer Institute in Computational Social Science at Princeton University.

I love building web tools that help users making complex decisions. My focus is on scenarios in which I can distill a wealth of relevant information to the bits and pieces that are easy to handle in everyday use.

My first tool has been the Schools of Germany app, which is an interactive map that helps teaching professionals, planners, and aspiring teachers by showing them where schools are located in the German landscape. The displayed data was automatically collected from 16 federal repositories, cleaned, harmonized and enriched. The map itself is implemented with leaflet.js.

A second project, currently in the beta phase, is ChoiceLab, which is a platform to assist high school and university students to orientate in today's world of work and education. I rely on large social survey data to feed ChoiceLab. The application is based on Python Flask, a PostreSQL data base, and it is hosted on Heroku.


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